The collection consists of two main sections. At Veselý Kopec you can find almost thirty buildings that form a settlement, providing testimony about the life and work of small farmers from the mid-19th to mid-20th century. The homesteads are complemented by tiny village buildings, but also technical monuments along a water race. Programs presenting the life of past generations are organized there. The second part of the SLS Vysočina exhibition is in nearby Hlinsko. Almost in the center of this town there is a conservation area called Bethlehem. with timbered houses built in the mid 18th century by small craftsmen. Visitors can explore the home and workshop of a weaver, a toy manufacturer, factory worker and cobbler's workshop. There is an exhibition dedicated to carnival costumes and masks from the Hlinecko region that are part of the UNESCO Intangible Heritage. The Bethlehem conservation area offers year-round special tours for students, interesting exhibitions and cultural performances.